You’re Never Too Young Or Too Old To Learn

One of the most successful schemes of anti-environmentalists is to portray the people who have concerns for the environment as being part of some kind of cult. The idea is that by doing this, it is possible to make everything an environmentalist says seem like some kind of apocalyptic vision. It is even more sophisticated than that, though, because we will often hear of the green movement pouring “propaganda” into the ears of unwitting children. When those kind of charges are flying around you can rest assured that mud will stick.

Nonetheless, it is not indoctrination to tell your child about the benefits of recycling. After all, these benefits are something that they will profit from later on in life, as they get older. If there is more done to ensure that the world is a cleaner, greener place to live, then there will be less threat to people’s health and lives. Whether or not you believe in global warming as a man-made phenomenon, there are very definite threats in our environment – of which pollution is a major one, and an issue which can be combated by recycling.

On the other end of the scale, even though older people will no longer be here when the children are in their old age, there is no reason why people who are advanced in years should feel that they have nothing to give to or gain from paying attention to green issues. One inevitably comes to think of leaving a legacy, and helping to bequeath a cleaner earth is just one small part of why an older person should recycle. The financial benefits of recycling are clear to everyone, including the person recycling – and not least of all the reasons, by recycling you can set a good example.