Why Recycling Is Important

Although there is a lot of cynicism directed against the environmentalist movement, this does not stop an awful lot of people from recycling. You don’t need to be an environmentalist to care about recycling, after all. Although it is one of the major green issues, recycling is about a lot more than just keeping the world clean and thriving. Considering how much garbage we create and throw out in this day and age, recycling is simply a sane response to a problem that is at risk of going insane.

When we finish with plastic or glass bottles, food containers, newspapers and magazines, it is really no effort to put them separately from the rest of our garbage and dispose of them in the relevant recycling bin. For those who wonder why they should bother, it is worth considering that when garbage is disposed of, it gets placed into a landfill. When in landfills, garbage is compacted down into as small a space as possible – the intention is that it will biodegrade – but this takes a long time. In the case of plastic bottles, it can take hundreds of years.

Imagine how many plastic bottles we will use over the course of a year alone. Without recycling, this will add up to enough to fill most of the world’s landfills in one fell swoop. You don’t need to be an environmentalist to see why recycling them instead of just throwing them away makes sense. It’s simply a case of keeping the world from becoming inhabitable.