Recycling You Can Do Yourself

Recycling is encompassed in most people’s minds as the trip to the recycling bins at the end of their garden, at a municipal tip or in another public place. One way or another, the process of recycling is considered to take time and effort, and this is many people’s reason for not doing it. However, there is plenty you can do to recycle that does not take any more effort than just continuing to do what you are doing anyway. Here are a few examples.

Re-using plastic bags: Instead of throwing plastic bags in the trash when they have been used to transport goods home, they can be kept and used for a variety of purposes – from carrying personal belongings around, to storage around the house. The same thing can be done with cardboard boxes and plastic food containers and bottles.
Composting: Many items, when they have served their useful purpose around the home, can be added to a compost heap which can be used to fertilize a garden. Cardboard and newspaper, although they decompose slowly, will decompose.
Passing It On: You may find that you have no more use for household furnishings or clothes, etcetera. There are, however, several alternatives to just throwing them out. Second-hand stores, and the phenomenon of “free-cycling”, where people with old equipment that they no longer need hand it on to people who can use it, are excellent alternatives.

The above are just some examples of how you can make further use from things that you have judged to have come to the end of their usefulness.