Old Cell Phone, New Cell Phone

When the first cell phones came into existence, they were few in number and it would have been difficult to imagine just how commonplace they would become. These days, even people who had sworn never to buy a cell phone will have one – for sending text messages or even just for emergencies. What no-one foresaw was that most people would buy a new cell phone on average once a year – and in some cases, more frequently.

The result of this is that all of a sudden there are people who have several phones and no practical use for any more than a couple of them. it is not uncommon for people to just throw the old phones away – but this is not a good idea. A cell phone is made up of several parts – a plastic fascia, an LCD screen, a battery and more. These will take forever to decompose – and it would be a much better idea to take part in one of the many programs which take your old cell off you (sometimes in return for cash) and set about re-tooling it for a life as someone else’s phone.

This is a good alternative to the tendency that so many of us have, to just throw something away when we are done with it. Some phone recycling programs are done for charity, and allow people who could not otherwise afford a cell phone to have one, allowing them to have something which, as more and more of us are realizing, is often a necessity.