Recycling? Yes You “Can”.

If you stop for a moment to think about the amount of soda that the average person drinks in a year, and then think how many cans that adds up to, it is quite something to picture all those cans piled up. If you then think about how many cans an entire town, city, or state will drink in a year, then the amount of cans stuck in landfills has to be something utterly remarkable. And the thing is, putting cans in the trash and letting them go to landfill really makes no sense when it is so easy to recycle.

An interesting fact is that it takes eight tonnes of bauxite – the raw material which is turned into aluminium – to make one tonne of aluminium. This means that making aluminium from scratch takes a lot of energy and depletes existing bauxite reserves at quite a rate. By recycling aluminium, it is estimated that a saving in energy of 92% is made compared to making it from bauxite. This is a quite astounding saving in energy terms, and when you consider the amount of bauxite it takes to make virgin aluminium, it only makes sense to recycle.

Aluminium cans are present in just about every household in the country. It would be an amazing change if even half of the people who drink or eat goods from aluminium containers were to take those containers to be recycled – saving the country and the individual money and effort in the long run.