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Producers and consumers must share burden of global plastic packaging waste

Plastic packaging waste is everywhere. Our plastic bottles, food wrappings, and grocery bags litter the landscape and pollute the global environment. A new study explores the global patterns of plastic packaging waste. The study finds three countries — the U.S., Brazil, and China — are the top suppliers of waste.

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How a knee replacement impacts the planet

Researchers are quantifying the effects of healthcare on the environment, specifically the particularly waste-heavy and energy-intensive specialty of orthopedic surgery. The researchers reviewed existing literature and found that while data is still sparse, efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of orthopedic surgery could make a huge impact.

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Textile filter testing shows promise for carbon capture

Researchers found they could filter carbon dioxide from air and gas mixtures at promising rates using a proposed new textile-based filter that combines cotton fabric and an enzyme called carbonic anhydrase — one of nature’s tools for speeding chemical reactions.

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Earth-abundant solar pixels found to produce hydrogen for weeks

Devices made of readily available oxide and carbon-based materials can produce clean hydrogen from water over weeks — according to new research. The findings could help overcome one of the key issues in solar fuel production, where current earth-abundant light-absorbing materials are limited through either their performance or stability.

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Lessons from the past: How cold-water corals respond to global warming

Corals react to changes in their environment. This is true for tropical as well as cold-water corals and includes, among others, changes in temperature, salinity and pH values. Researchers have now investigated how warmer temperatures occurring as a result of climate change are affecting cold-water corals. For this purpose, they examined in detail how these…

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