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Producers and consumers must share burden of global plastic packaging waste

Plastic packaging waste is everywhere. Our plastic bottles, food wrappings, and grocery bags litter the landscape and pollute the global environment. A new study explores the global patterns of plastic packaging waste. The study finds three countries — the U.S., Brazil, and China — are the top suppliers of waste.

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A new wearable technology — for plants

Plants can’t speak up when they are thirsty. And visual signs, such as shriveling or browning leaves, don’t start until most of their water is gone. To detect water loss earlier, researchers have created a wearable sensor for plant leaves. The system wirelessly transmits data to a smartphone app, allowing for remote management of drought…

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Comprehensive regional diagnostic of microbial ocean life using DNA testing

Scientists have used tools of genetics research akin to those used in genealogical research to evaluate the diversity of marine life off the California coast. Large-scale ‘metabarcoding’ methods could revolutionize how society understands forces that drive seafood supply, planet’s ability to remove greenhouse gases.

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Children’s products labeled water- or stain-resistant may contain PFAS

Seems like kids are always getting into something, so products marketed toward them often claim to repel liquids. Some items contain potentially harmful per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to accomplish this feat, but companies aren’t required to disclose these ‘forever chemicals’ on labels. Now, researchers show that some children’s products advertised as water- or stain-resistant…

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Lost value of landfilled plastic in US

With mountains of plastic waste piling up in landfills and scientists estimating that there will be more plastics by weight than fish in the ocean by 2050, the growing environmental challenge presented to the world by plastics is well understood. What is less well understood by the scientific community is the lost energy opportunity. In…

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